Statutory Information

Careers Guidance and Enterprise

We will continue to develop our independent careers education, information, advice and guidance service and ensure that we support an increasing number of students to attain secure and meaningful further and higher education, training and apprenticeships. We will increasingly seek to develop partnerships with training providers and employers to secure placements for our students and seek to ensure that our students have the skills that they, and the country, require.

The development of the workplace skills will increasingly be supported by our curriculum and specific events (careers fairs, work experience, enterprise and employability skills etc.).

We will also foster deeper links with the Careers & Enterprise Company, the LEP and providers of applied and technical qualifications.

We will further develop careers education within our primaries to promote engagement with the community so that children are aware of the world of work and have high aspirations for their future.

To support this, we will promote the use of essential workplace skills: listening, communication, organisation, cooperation and investigation, and workplace qualities which are: respect, resilience, independence, confidence and creativity.