St Bees Village School Joins CLLT

By 20 February 2023No Comments

St Bees Village School has been given the go ahead by the Department for Education to join the Changing Lives Learning Trust on 1st September 2023. The village school has become the sixth to become part of the growing Trust, which is sponsored by Sellafield Ltd, the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority and the University of Central Lancashire.

Changing Lives Learning Trust (previously called West Lakes Multi Academy Trust) receives state funding to support schools and its vision to “enable those we undertake to teach and train to have a preparation for life that is excelled by no other”.

 By joining the Changing Lives Learning Trust staff will share their expertise, knowledge and skills to collaborate with other schools in our family and improve education in Cumbria even further.

Emma Sharp, Headteacher at St Bees Village School said a period of consultation had taken place, which led to the decision for the school to become an academy, she said: “We are all very excited about this next stage in the development of our school. Changing Lives will further enhance the education of our children by drawing on their vision and their distinction. In order to grow and prosper, we needed to build on the many successes we have already achieved. When the opportunity arose to be the next primary school to join Changing Lives we knew this was by far the right choice for us.”

Chair of governors, Anne Blaney added: “We are delighted that St Bees Village School is joining Changing Lives Learning Trust. We will work tirelessly to make sure the move rewards with tangible evidence of the difference that all our talented staff can make by working closely together. We look forward to the strong working relationship we will have with their existing schools and their communities.”

Jonathan Johnson, Chief Executive of the Changing Lives Learning Trust also commented: “St. Bees Village School is special and a wonderful place for children to learn and grow. The staff are kind and so very generous in their support of the children and the expectations they have of them are high. We are proud that they have entrusted us to work alongside them in changing lives through learning.”