Queen Elizabeth Grammar School and St Bees Village School Join Trust

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 Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Penrith and St Bees Village Primary School were given the go ahead by the Department for Education to join Changing Lives Learning Trust on 1st November 2023. The Trust is sponsored by Sellafield Ltd, the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority and the University of Central Lancashire and receives state funding to support schools and its vision, to enable those they undertake to teach and train to have a preparation for life that is excelled by no other. By joining CLLT, staff will share their expertise, knowledge and skills to collaborate with other members of now seven schools and improve education across Cumberland and Westmorland and Furness even further.

David Marchant, Headteacher at Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, said:

“This is an exciting time for Queen Elizabeth Grammar School. As a Beacon of Excellence for Cumbria, QEGS is proud to be joining a trust with such high aspirations and a track record of transforming the lives of young people just as we have been doing for over 450 years. We are excited about the opportunities that this partnership brings for students, staff and the wider community.”

 Maggie Robson, Chair of Trustees at Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, said:

“Queen Elizabeth Grammar School is a fantastic school with a long history. I am delighted that in this partnership with Changing Lives Learning Trust the school will be able to continue its successes and traditions long into the future.”

 Emma Sharp, Headteacher at St Bees Village School, said:

“We are delighted to be joining Changing Lives Learning Trust and we’re very much looking forward to working closely with the other CLLT schools and Trust Board members. Joining this established team will bring many opportunities for our children and staff and ensure the best possible outcomes for all.

 Anne Blaney, Chair of Governors at St Bees Village School, commented:

The governors of St Bees village school are pleased to be joining the Changing Lives Learning Trust, we are confident that this will bring a positive impact to our school. We look forward to the support and opportunities this will afford our school, pupils and staff.”

Jonathan Johnson, Chief Executive of Changing Lives Learning Trust, added:

“On behalf of our Sponsors, Trustees, Governors and colleagues, I am pleased to welcome all the great staff, children, parents and communities of both schools to Changing Lives.  We are excited to work with them to continue filling the children with an energy and enthusiasm for learning.

We relish working in schools that have their eyes fixed on the daily pursuit of changing lives. By bringing evidence-informed and research-based best practice to bear on all our work we will surely support each child to grow in their abilities.

It is my fervent prayer that each day our work will be evidently powerful and effective in changing lives in a way that is excelled by no other.”

L-R: Jonathan Johnson OBE (CEO of Changing Lives Learning Trust), Maggie Robson (Chair of Trustees of QEGS), David Marchant, Headteacher of QEGS

L-R: Jonathan Johnson OBE (CEO of Changing Lives Learning Trust), Emma Sharp (Headteacher of St Bees Village School), Anne Blaney (Chair of Governors at St Bees Village School)