Historic school in Cumbria in ongoing discussions to join WLMAT

By 29 April 2022No Comments

Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Penrith is in ongoing discussions to join West Lakes Multi-Academy Trust. Trustees of both organisations are excited about this next stage in the development.

In a joint statement the Chairs of Trustees of both schools, Tine Boving-Foster (Queen Elizabeth Grammar School) and Michelle Pearse (West Lakes Multi-Academy Trust) said: “We are excited about the intention of joining together in partnership and are enjoying the ongoing discussions as part of that process. Our decision to move to this stage is the result of significant strategic planning and engagement, and we are enthused by the opportunities to collaborate and further improve the educational outcomes for the communities we serve. Our schools are still the same as they were yesterday, our teachers are still providing the same high-quality education as they always have been but joining together with a Trust that shares our values will allow us to collaborate together and thrive in ways we could not have previously imagined.”

In a joint statement, Paul Buckland (Headteacher of Queen Elizabeth Grammar School) and James Jackson (Principal of West Lakes Academy) said: “We are delighted to be in ongoing discussions to join in partnership. We will work tirelessly to ensure we build trust that is rewarded with tangible evidence of the difference that all our talented staff can make by working closely together. We look forward to the strong working relationship we will have with both communities.”

Jonathan Johnson, Chief Executive of West Lakes MAT, said: Putting the children first is fundamental to our vision: to change lives through learning by providing a quality of education that is excelled by no other. We have recently consulted on changing the name of our Trust because we are inclusive and dedicated to changing lives through learning for children regardless of location. Each new school brings an opportunity for richer collaboration and learning and Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, being an outstanding selective school will bring that and more as we learn from each other. There is a long way to go and I am honoured that they have chosen to partner with us.”